HR Oriental Pack 2

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This Kontakt instrument brings you an unparalleled experience, as the first ever native Kontakt instrument that is ready to use straight out of the box!

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New library with 29 Oriental Instruments: Arab Zurna, Balaban 1, Balaban 2, Halay Zurna 1 A, Halay Zurna 1 C, Halay Zurna 1 D, Halay Zurna 1 G, Halay Zurna 2 A, Halay Zurna 2 C, Halay Zurna 3 D, Halay Zurna 4 G, Lead 1, Lead 2, Lead 3, Mijwiz, Nai 1, Nai 2, Nai 3, Oud, Acoustic Baghlama 1, Acoustic Baghlama 2, Acoustic Baghlama 3, Arabic Guitar, Clarinet with low octave, Clarinet, Electic Saz, Kaval, Zurna NV-1, Zurna NV-2

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